Saturday, January 24, 2015


12"x12" oil on cradled wood panel

I began this one last week on a rather overcast morning. I returned to the same place a few days later, but the light was different, quite a bit brighter.  I then had a decision to make, do I paint into the effect or simply add a few more strokes to resolve the original painting? As I stood there at my easel debating, the sun came out from behind some clouds, setting aglow the tips of the tree branches and bushes. That's when I realized the decision was pretty much made for me! Over the course of the next couple hours there were times I thought "that's it, I really ought to put the brush down now." But at the same time, I knew there were still unresolved parts. So... I persevered, continuing to work at it, keenly aware of the fine line between "over working" a painting and the desire to "get it right." In the end- thankfully- I think it leans more toward the later than the former!

The "money shot" ;)

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