Saturday, August 6, 2016

Recent Tennesse Paintings

Every July my family and I head up to East Tennessee to visit relatives and spend a week at the Wright's farm on the Cumberland Plateau. In recent years I've been bringing my paint box with me and have realized that I tend to do more "work" while on "vacation," as my kids are happily running wild & free, my husband is busy catching up on naps, and my amazing mother-in-law is spoiling us rotten with home cooked meals made from ingredients fresh out of her garden! 
The weather was hot, the sweat bees were out and EVERYTHING was as green as could be- which actually made landscape painting a little tricky! Fortunately, I love a good challenge.

Fifty Shades of Green SOLD
8x10 oil on canvas board

Tree Amigos
6x8 oil on canvas board

Field of Green
9x12 oil on canvas board

Hydrangeas From the Garden
9x12 oil on canvas panel
(Called this one a "Plein Air Conditioned"painting!)

 The Road Home
12x12 oil on canvas board

The Blue Hole 
11x14 oil on linen panel SOLD

Pool at Blue Hole 
11x14 oil on linen panel SOLD

Wild Flowers 
5x7 oil on canvas

Queen Anne's Lace 
6x8 oil on canvas