Friday, November 9, 2012


Painting by the Water
8"x11" oil on panel

I did this painting- of a fellow painter doing her own painting-  at North Jetty Beach in Venice yesterday. It was quite a chilly and windy morning, crisp and clear. The bright sparkles on the water were stunning, but a challenge to translate into paint! 
All of us artists were bundled up in sweaters and jackets, so I had to chuckle when a lady pulled up and got out of her car wearing nothing but a bathing suit, sheer cover up and flip flops. I figured she must be from Canada...guess the snow birds have returned.
Another funny thing I noted, with plein air painting I always assume I'm being so focused and observant, however, at one point I realized that the boat I'd painted in the back was gone (never even noticed it leave the dock?!) Then, towards the end, I realized it was back (again, never even noticed it pull back in?!)