Wednesday, May 21, 2014

You Don't Say!

You Don't Say! SOLD
8"x10" oil on board

One evening during the Winter Park Paint Out we had the opportunity to do a "sunset paint" during a reception at the Winter Park Racquet Club for its members as they looked on.  The location was lovely, as were the views  over the lake, however, the setting sun reflecting over the water was absolutely blinding! So, I chose to turn my back to sun and paint the bright, glowing red umbrellas by the pool area instead. A woman in a pretty orange skirt became my "unwitting model" and later, another woman in a pale pink dress. I half-jokingly suggested to a man wearing a bright turquoise shirt that perhaps he might want to sip his drink over next to them, as the blue would have complimented the orange so nicely. He just chuckled, however, and said, "I'm afraid you couldn't afford my modeling fee!" Then he sauntered away. 
Oh well!  

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