Saturday, April 9, 2016


Patience SOLD
12x12 oil on canvas board

Well, what with selling out house, remodeling several of out loft apartment rentals over my studio/gallery in Palmetto and preparing to renovate the beach condo that we'll be moving to full-time this summer, I've had to take a little step back from painting over the past few weeks. It's a bummer when life gets in the way of painting! But the other day I stole a couple hours to go paint on the beach! It may have been a cold, grey and windy day, but it still felt great to get out with my easel and get to work! And just as I finished up, the sun began to peek through the clouds with the promise of a nice beach day after all. Sometimes you just have to have a little patience...

Here is a larger studio version of it that I'm working on too- in-between rolling paint on walls! ;)

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