Sunday, October 18, 2015

Venice Paintings

Venice Paintings

Yellow Boat, 5x7, oil on panel

 I recently traveled to Venice, Italy to paint with a small group of fellow plein air painters from the US and England. It was a lovely, productive week, despite a few cold and rainy days! I'd been to Venice several times before, but never with all my paints, just my sketchbooks. It truly is a magical place, with breath-taking views around every corner! And the food ain't half bad either ;)

Dorsoduro Nocturne 5x7, oil on panel

Daybreak 5x7, oil on panel

Gondolas 5x7 oil on panel

Venetian Door Nocturne 5x7, oil on panel

Across the Grand Canal 5x7 oil on panel

Sunny Day in Venice 5x7, oil on panel

Cloudy Day in Venice SOLD 5x7, oil on panel

Venetian Sunset 5x7, oil on panel

Canal Sketch 8x10, oil on panel

Late Afternoon Light 8x10, oil on panel

Venice in the Rain 8x10, oil on linen

Dorsoduro Canal 9x12, oil on paper

Dappled Light in the Piazza 9x12, oil on panel

Floating Fruit Market 9x12, oil on panel

Reflections 8x10, oil on panel

First Day in Venice 8x10, oil on panel

Venetian View 9x12, oil on panel


  1. Cory, it was so lovely to meet you. I love the work you did. Xx

    1. Oh Mo, I SO enjoyed getting to know you, Felicity, Wyllis and Lori as well! Would love to make this an annual event (and with Haidee-Jo next time!) xoxo