Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Meet Me in the Park

Meet Me in the Park
8x10 oil on museum board

Yesterday I painted with the Peace River Painters in Venice. I got there early, set up along the boulevard on Venice Ave.. and proceeded to paint a real stinker! Ah yes, it was one of those humbling mornings where I felt like I'd forgotten how to paint all together! Ugh.
I was all ready to pack up and concede defeat, but decided to wander over to the gazebo in Centennial Park first where I saw 4 or 5 other painters plugging away.  They were off to some real nice starts (and having fun!) which inspired me to rally, get my "head in the game" and give it one more shot. This was done in about an hour and 15 min. We then met at a friend's nearby studio for a quick critique of everyone's paintings. I reworked a couple little spots when I got home and am fairly pleased with how it turned out, especially the subtle value shifts in the gazebo arches. Glad I met up with my friends in the park after all!

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