Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Field Study

Field Study
5"x7" oil on panel

The morning I painted this one I was supposed to be on a plane headed to Vancouver for our annual family ski vacation... but a cancelled flight (due to snow storms in Chicago) delayed our departure by a day. So instead, I sent the kids off to school (much to their dismay!) and set out to paint in a nearby field (next to the Waterset neighborhood in Riverview.) The morning was rather gloomy (which honestly kinda matched my mood!) but just being outdoors and doing what I love to do helped lift it. And we did make it out the next day without any problem. 
It's been a week now since I last painted and I'm realizing that's the longest I've been away from my easel in many months.... now that the mountainous pile of ski clothes has been washed, dried, and put away for another year, it's time for me to get back out in the field!

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