Sunday, February 2, 2014

Anna Maria Island Chalk Festival

Mermaid in Chalk
10'x10' chalk pastel on pavement

Yes, once again I've been slacking a bit on the blog... apologies to my handful of loyal followers! Anyway, just to catch you up, I have been keeping busy since the start of the new year traveling to St. Louis to paint a mural, doing a weekend chalk festival on Anna Maria Island, snow skiing out west with my family and participating in the 3rd annual Sarasota Paint Out. 
Here is the street painting I did for the chalk festival 2 weekends ago, inspired by a painting by Russian artist Victor Nizovtsev. This kind of artwork is really a performance art as much as anything.  Sure, it's captured in a photograph, hopefully before the rain washes it away or it ends up on the tire treads of passing cars!  But the real fun is for the observing public who get to witness it come to life before their very eyes, ask questions, interact with the artist, and maybe even get inspired to get creative themselves!

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