Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wind and Waves

Wind and Waves
5' x 7" oil on panel

This morning I was painting down by Caspersen Beach (in Venice, FL) again after 4 straight days of grey skies and steady rain. Such inclement weather gave me a good excuse to get 30-some-odd hardboard panels primed and toned and my studio cleaned up and organized... but it sure was so good to see the sun again today! I did see a big rain storm off in the distance as I was just getting set up. Actually, it was quite a sight to look out across the water and literally see sheets of rain pouring down, sweeping onto the land and streaking the sky with a watercolor-like haze. The wind quickly blew the storm through and continued pushing clouds in front of the sun all morning long, changing the light minute by minute, as I worked at capturing the crashing waves and bowing seagrasses on my little canvas. 

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